Artist Statement

My work involves melding existing landscapes and the human figure with internal dialogue, creating abstractions held by the calligraphic mark.

References from long-held interests in ancients cities, geology, and celestial events combines with technical knowledge about the historic use of resins such as shellac, gamboge, dragon's blood, and the earth materials of chalk pigments, graphite, and charcoal, influence the line color and value inherently expressed in the work.


Professionally trained as an art conservator, Victoria Jefferies, spent many years working for museums, historic houses, and private collectors. Her specialty is the conservation of decorative finishes. She employed her knowledge of both historic and modern materials, and her technical skills in the preservation of objects, furniture- modern, 17th and 18th c.- and architectural interiors. Victoria Jefferies has a B.F.A from the San Francisco Art Institute. She has pursued a personal artistic practice throughout her career in conservation.

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